Stock Rooms

Kellie Packing Bags

One of the 2 "Stock Rooms", which continues to grow. 

Bethany in the Stock Room,

filling bags to send out!

Just a Few Donations

Dansville Pre-K donated 425 items to the Comfort Bags! Such an amazing experience! 

Hand knit hats from a fellow fighter in ME, who I sent a bag to. 

GVFCU Had a fundraiser and collected so many items with a large cash donation! 

Boxes of blankets that came in the mail from a loving donor.

Noyes Hospital Employees held their annual fundraiser and the Cancer Comfort Bag was picked as one of the recipients. 

Items that were on my porch when I got home from work. So many caring people! 

The area Girl Scout donated many many items to be used in the Comfort Bags that are sent to Noyes Cancer Center

Handmade soaps donated by a local woman who lost her sister to cancer. So much love!!

Hand made scarves made by a woman who saw an article in the Penny Saver about the Cancer Comfort Bags

A local Company donated boxes of children's items. This is one of many donations they have given the Cancer Comfort Bag Project and we are so appreciative! 

Events we attended

Getting our name out there at Dansville's Winter in the Village

Corn Hole Cancer Benefit Event

Ovarian Cancer 5K in Rochester, NY

Turning the Town Teal for Ovarian Cancer Month

Local Cancer Benefit Event

Colorectal Cancer Bike Run Event

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